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Guided Holiday “Camping, Active, Hiking & Walking” Style

Fish River Canyon Mule Trail Hike

5 Days | aprx. NAD6900   Enquire Now Print This

  All prices are per person sharing

Seasonal Prices:From: 01-04-2016 Until: 30-09-2016 Price: aprx. NAD6900

Routing:Gondwana Fish River Canyon to Gondwana Fish River Canyon

Highlights:Fish River Canyon

Details:A beautiful hike through the second largest canyon in the world, using mules to carry your luggage and equipment. All meals included + professional guide and accommodation in simple rustic camping/ huts.

  • [?]Day 1: Mule Station - Fish River Canyon

    Participants arrive at the Cañon Mule Station in Gondwana Cañon Park at the Fish River Canyon by their own arrangement between 14h00 and 15h00. The Cañon Mule Station is well signposted on the C12.

    Here there is secure parking for vehicles. You will meet your guide and asked to repack your luggage in canvassed mule bags. The remainder of your luggage can be left in your vehicle. Once, you have repacked you will then be driven out to the overnight camp where you will begin your trail from. Sit back and enjoy the panoramic view while you sip on a sundowner drink. In the evening we discuss everything there is to know about the tour.

  • [?]Day 2: Mule Trail - Lowen Camp

    After breakfast we load our gear, your guide will tell you about the Mules and the breeding of them and thereafter you will set off on your trail. Enjoy a walk on the rim of the Canyon and over a plateau. Midday you will descent via a small tributary of the main artery feeding the Fish River canyon, called the Loewen River.

    The Loewen River is considered to be the main river, feeding the Fish River Canyon. The name of the Loewen River comes from the fact that Lions were discovered in this area many years ago. In the afternoon we arrive at our camp. While we enjoy a drink at the campfire, our tour guide prepares dinner; anybody who feels like it is welcome to help. The night is spent at Loewen Camp, in a tent or in the open under the star-studded night sky (incl. breakfast, lunch, and dinner).  All meals included.

  • [?]Day 3: Mule Trail - Koelkrans Camp

    Enjoy our first breakfast out in the open. Then we continue downstream along the Fish River. Patches of river pebbles alternate with slabs of rock and sand dunes. Dramatic chapters of Earth’s history can be gleaned from the massive layers of rock. At lunchtime we stop for a picnic in a shaded little spot. Occasionally we cross the river, over slabs of rocky outcrops. Water depending - you are more than welcome to take a refreshing dip!

    Finish your day off with a refreshing swim across the river to the camp, reached after a day’s walk along the Fish River stepping over boulders, time-patterned rocks and walking through soft river sand etched with Cape clawless otter tracks. Enjoy a hot steaming shower and get ready for a well deserved hot meal. All meals included.

  • [?]Day 4: Mule Trail - Horseshoe Camp

    After an early breakfast we set off at dawn and follow the Fish River further downstream. Then we walk downstream, crossing the river through the river or over rocky outcrops. Following a zebra path, we cross over a plateau.

    Depending on the amount of rain received, this area will be carpeted in yellow flowers. leading us up to a plateau, through rugged valleys and across stony and sandy plains. Every now and then we stop to marvel at the vast canyon scenery. At midday we have a picnic in the shade on sandy white beach. We cross the river and start the decent to finally reach the rim of the Canyon. En route pay attention to the different rock formations caused by oxidation erosion. In the afternoon we arrive at Horseshoe Camp.

    Sipping sundowners we watch in awe as the rock reflects the light of the setting sun in a blaze of colours (incl. breakfast, lunch and dinner). All meals included.

  • [?]Day 5: Mule Station - Fish River Canyon

    At dawn we take a short walk of 1.5 km to a waterless waterfall. We return back to camp for breakfast. After breakfast we pile into the open vehicle which takes us to the final destination of our roundtrip. As we pull up at Cañon Mule Station our tour has come to its end. Breakfast included.

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